Video Game Design
(Flex Class): Part 2
Ages 7-10

If you loved designing and coding games with the Kodu program in the first video game design class, continue the fun in part 2 of the course!

If you loved designing and coding games with the Kodu program in the first video game design class, continue the fun in part 2 of the course!

AGES: 7 – 10

PREREQUISITE: Students should have taken Video Game Design: Part 1

SOFTWARE: Kodu Game Lab – View Website

CODING LANGUAGE: Kodu (Visual Based Language)

PATH: Video Game Design

FORMATS: Self-Paced Flex Class

Video Game Design (Beginner Coding: Part 2)- Ages 7-10

If you loved creating games with the Kodu program in my video game design class, continue the fun in part 2 of the course. Learn more advanced coding techniques and about coding blocks not used in the first course.  Students should take part 1 of this class first as it builds on what students learned in the previous beginner class and it assumes they have a working knowledge of the Kodu program.

Technology Requirements: Kodu currently only runs on Windows. Please test running Kodu prior to signing up for the class.  Kodu Website

In this class, students will learn to…

  • Create variables in coding to store data in their code.  
  • Use variables to keep track of points.
  • Use variables to keep track of time in a game.
  • Code objects to spawn characters for teleporting and checkpoints.
  • Use pages/advanced logic to switch between player characters in the game.
  • Use sub-routines/nesting in their coding.
  • Create more complex and interesting games.

Guided Lessons and Activities

Through the Udemy platform, students are guided through each topic with an instructional video and clear activities to practice what they learned.  Students also have review videos and explanations available to them if they need more support as they complete the activities.


“Very good match for me he is great at explaining things!

Ruvan V.


“So easy to follow with step by step instructions clearly stated with visual exmaples.”

Jennifer C.


About The Instructor

Shawn D. Walk has been an educator for over 17 years. He was a 4th/5th grade teacher for 11 years at an elementary school north of Pittsburgh. During his time at that school, he focused on project-based learning and engaging students with real-world tasks that allowed them to see how what they were learning is used in the real world. He also developed a passion for technology and worked to include that in his teaching. Shawn developed several robotics and coding programs during his time as a teacher and helped students learn essential 21st century skills in a fun and exciting way.

About 5 years ago, He started a company in Pittsburgh that partnered with schools to offer coding, Minecraft, and other creative classes. The company was one of the first organizations in the Pittsburgh region to use Minecraft to create engaging programs for students. He now hopes to take this type of fun and creative learning beyond the Pittsburgh region to students all over the world.

Shawn has an active Pennsylvania Teaching Certification and a Masters Degree in education.  He looks forward to helping your child discover their creative powers.

Class Registration

Self-Paced Flex Class

Students work at their own pace through video lessons and activities via the Udemy platform.  Activities contain helpful images of coding and review videos for students as they complete tasks.

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