Modding With Minecraft (One-Time/Sample Class)
Ages 9-13

Learn some of the basics of creating a mod in Minecraft in this fun and educational sample class!

Learn some of the basics of creating a mod in Minecraft in this fun and educational sample class!

AGES: 9 – 13


SOFTWARE: Minecraft Java Edition- View Website -Cost- $29.99, MCreator- View Website– Cost- FREE, AND Blockbench- View Website– Cost- FREE

CODING LANGUAGE: Blockly (Visual Based Language)

PATH: Creating Minecraft Mods

FORMATS: Live Group Class

Modding With Minecraft (One-Time/Sample Class)– Ages 9-13

One-Time/Sample Class–This class is a one-time class that allows students to get a taste of what it is like to create a mod for Minecraft. If students would like to keep learning after the class, we offer a longer 8-week class that goes into more depth and detail about how to create and code mods using MCreator.

Students in this class learn how to use a program called MCreator to design and texture their own custom Minecraft block. We also work on coding the block to do something based off a trigger event in Minecraft..

Technology Requirements: 

  • A Minecraft (PC/MAC-Java Edition) is required for this program. See website.  Other editions of Minecraft (like Windows 10 and Pocket Edition) will not work with the class.
  • You must have a PC or Mac to run this edition of Minecraft. It will not work on a Chrome Book or tablet.
  • Students use a free program called MCreator to build and code their mod.
  • Students use a free program called Blockbench (a 3D model editor) to create a custom texture for an NPC (Mob).

In this class, students will learn to…

  • Create a Minecraft texture.
  • Create a new block for Minecraft.
  • Customize the block’s behavior in MInecraft.
  • Add a procedure (set of commands) to the block to make it do something unique.
  • Activate the procedure in Minecraft on a specific trigger event.

Parent Reviews

“My son said he’d give this class 6 stars if he could. It addressed everything he was hoping to achieve with starting to learn about Modding. Even though we had some technical glitches due to our internet/laptop, Shawn was patient; my son was able to keep up just fine and he learned a lot.”

Alana A.


“This is a great class to teach kids Minecraft modding. Teacher Shawn is a great teacher and does a good job of keeping the kids on task, even the younger ones. My son is older and shy but Shawn has been kind and encouraging about getting him to want to share his projects and progress.”

Liza H.

About The Instructor

Shawn D. Walk has been an educator for over 17 years. He was a 4th/5th grade teacher for 11 years at an elementary school north of Pittsburgh. During his time at that school, he focused on project-based learning and engaging students with real-world tasks that allowed them to see how what they were learning is used in the real world. He also developed a passion for technology and worked to include that in his teaching. Shawn developed several robotics and coding programs during his time as a teacher and helped students learn essential 21st century skills in a fun and exciting way.

About 5 years ago, He started a company in Pittsburgh that partnered with schools to offer coding, Minecraft, and other creative classes. The company was one of the first organizations in the Pittsburgh region to use Minecraft to create engaging programs for students. He now hopes to take this type of fun and creative learning beyond the Pittsburgh region to students all over the world.

Shawn has an active Pennsylvania Teaching Certification and a Masters Degree in education.  He looks forward to helping your child discover their creative powers.

Class Formats and Registration

Live Group Class

Students join a live small-group class via the Outschool platform. Students have an opportunity to ask questions during the lesson and get extra help from the instructor as they practice what they learned. Students are also given multiple chances to share their work with the group during the course.

COST: $15

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Learn some of the basics of creating a mod in Minecraft in this fun and educational sample class! Read more