Live Online Classes

Learn with other students in a live online class to create your own video game, Roblox game, or Minecraft mod. Ages 7-13

Live Classes

Our live online classes are offered via the Outschool platform and Zoom.  Live classes allow students to learn with others, receive instructor support, and share their work.  Receiving help when needed allows students work through fustrations and being able to share their work is motivating to students as they receive instant feedback.   Classes meet once per week for an hour for 6-8 weeks.  

About The Instructor

Our coding and video game design classes are taught by owner and lead instructor, Shawn D. Walk.  He has been an educator for over 20 years. He was a 4th/5th grade teacher for 11 years at an elementary school north of Pittsburgh. During his time at that school, he focused on project-based learning and engaging students with real-world tasks that allowed them to see how what they were learning is used in the real world. He also developed a passion for technology and worked to include that in his teaching. Shawn developed several robotics and coding programs during his time as a teacher and helped students learn essential 21st century skills in a fun and exciting way.

About 7 years ago, He started a company in Pittsburgh that partnered with schools to offer coding, Minecraft, and other creative classes. The company was one of the first organizations in the Pittsburgh region to use Minecraft to create engaging programs for students. He now hopes to take this type of fun and creative learning beyond the Pittsburgh region to students all over the world.

Shawn has an active Pennsylvania Teaching Certification and a Masters Degree in education.  He looks forward to helping your child discover their creative powers.

Coding Classes

Classes are divided into coding paths so students can learn to code doing what they are most interested in (like creating a video game, Roblox game, or Minecraft mod). Each path starts with a beginner class that introduces students to the software and coding language used in that path. Students are welcome to pursue multiple paths. This allows them to see how different coding concepts are applied to multiple coding languages. This reinforces their understanding of the concepts, allowing them to learn new languages quickly.

As students learn coding, they also receive instruction in future-ready skills.  Find classes below to learn more about the specific skills covered in that class.

Path: Video Game Design (Ages 7-10)

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Code and design your own video game for you and all your friends to play! Read more
Continue the fun by designing and coding more advanced games in the Kodu program! Read more
Try out video game design in this fun and educational one-time class! Read more

Path: Creating Minecraft Mods (Ages 9-13)

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Learn real coding and add your own custom mods to the Minecraft experience! Read more
Take what you learned in Part 1 to create new worlds in Minecraft! Read more
Learn some of the basics of creating a mod in Minecraft in this fun and educational sample class! Read more

Path: Creating Roblox Games (Ages 9-13)

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Learn how to create amazing Roblox games using Roblox Studio and the Lua coding language! Read more
Take the next step in Roblox game design to create a challenging adventure map in Roblox Studio. Read more
Learn how to design a simple Roblox game in this fun and educational one-time class! Read more